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"This guy must be the local legend in Seattle, Washington. He's a post-Metheny fusion player with nice phrasing, a strong melodic sense and a talent for composition. His tunes run the gamut from melancholy ballads to burning triplets, from jazzy offerings to slightly New Age fare. Consequently, he doesn't settle on any one particular sound on this album, switching from a warm fat-bodied jazz guitar to steel-string acoustic to solidbody with all the gadgets.

"The Flame" is very Metheny-esque, circa American Garage, while "Typical Fusion" utilizes some familiar Pat Martino intervals, circa Joyous Lake. "Continuous Call" is a straight-ahead jazzy ballad done up in the melodic tradition of Metheny, Van Manakas or Emily Remler while "Another Side, Another Time," with its gentle acoustic strumming, has a distinctive New Age soundtrack quality.

This is a strong album, Lindenmuth's second with his four-piece band for Dark Stream Records. His talents as a composer and player should place him right alongside such contemporaries as Mike Stern, Scott Henderson and Frank Gambale. Of course, Seattle is not New York or L.A., but if Lindenmuth keeps putting out product of such high quality, the word should get around. Maybe Seattle's big secret will soon break out to wider realms."

- Bill Milkowski / Guitar World


"Dark Stream Records in Lynnwood, Washington brings Scott Lindenmuth to the guitar world. Lindenmuth, a definite jazz-rock voice, is a versatile guitar player who fuses rock, jazz and classical chops into a forum of accessible music that is getting a considerable amount of air play for such a small label. Lindenmuth's first release Another Side, Another Time (DS1001), is a dynamic recording of superior fusion, occasionally reminiscent of Return To Forever and often feeling like Lou Alder's late sixties band Spirit (san vocals). The music has a California attitude and the band, The Scott Lindenmuth Group, plays tight and energetic at all times.

Lindenmuth has a new record set for release in the fall on Dark Stream Records entitled Changing Rhythm. It indicates on Dark Stream a definite growth of the group and a clear expansion into the more sophisticated jazz of the future. The music stages effects, synthesizers and pure electric guitar kindled neatly in a fire of driving rhythms and moody, mutating soundscapes. Lindenmuth has superb control of the electric and all of its intrinsic delicacies. The band has a definite roughness that gives it authenticity and transports the experienced listener through a spectrum of the pioneering genres of rock and jazz.

In the tradition of Charlie Christian, who was the first true jazz outlet for the electric guitar, these creative musicians carry on the legacy of this incredible instrument. But it will be only in the hands of truly creative and caring musicians that the new technology of guitar synthesizers and computer assisted music will mature to it's appointed destiny.

Musicianship quality cannot dwindle as the technology advances. Guitar music is human, compassionate, emotive and energetic. Most of all, the jazz guitar cannot prevail without the ingenuity of new players. The guitarists discussed here are shaping the future of electric guitar in technology, musicianship and composition and they will maintain the quality."

- Jazziz


"Special commendation for meritorious musicianship."

- Guitar Player


"Guitarist Scott Lindenmuth leads a fine young group out of the Pacific Northwest that plays with a kind of quiet fire. First of all the band is hot - little known, perhaps, but instrumentally accomplished and unified in their direction. The compositions such as "Average Families" or "Afterthought" have a touch of mantra, a hint of rock, and compelling concepts. Lindenmuth's tunes can be impressionistic at times, and they inevitably take the listener to vivid destinations. Another Side, Another Time is definitely on the buy list."

- Down Beat


"If all your guitar heroes of the '70s have aged gracefully into obscurity, then it's time you heard Seattle guitarist Scott Lindenmuth. Leaning towards the rock side of the jazz-rock fusion coin, Another Side, Another Time follows in the tradition of Jeff Beck's Blow By Blow and Hendrix' Band Of Gypsys. Lindenmuth's technique on acoustic and electric guitars is quite incredible. His style is distinguished by a sure flow of ideas, a terse, urgent rhythmic see-saw between him and the band members and a tone quality that's not easy to analogize. Compositionally, the group avoids the pitfalls that mire many fusion groups in the quicksand of complacency. The tunes allow room for everyone to contribute, are not slick or atmospheric, and end up being just the right vehicle for Lindenmuth's explorations. You should hear this record. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by Scott Lindenmuth's group."

- Earshot Jazz


"Lindenmuth is justifiably considered one of the finest guitarists in the greater Northwest ... sparkling, inventive, technically astute yet musically passionate."

- The Seattle Times


"Penalty Phase is a must have for fans of progressive instrumental jazz/rock as well as those who appreciate hot guitar playing."

- Silver Platters


"With influences ranging from Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Return to Forever and Pat Metheny, Lindenmuth has carved out a 30-year career as a gifted guitarist. His multi-genre expertise is evident in his contemporary sound of recent years."

- Seattle P.I.


"One of the premier guitarists in the Northwest."

- Eventful.com





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